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Limited Window Warranty


Restoration Warranty

Window Wise is proud to offer a 10-year limited warranty on our restoration process. The warranty begins when the restoration work is complete. All claims under this warranty must be made within one month of discovering the problem. The warranty is transferable as long as the original receipt is produced for warranty claims. We will replace your glass if it breaks during the restoration process. You are only responsible for the cost of the restoration.

On initial restoration, if moisture persists between the panes for more than the normal 12-week healing period, we will re-service the window again. If moisture persists after the second service and healing period, we will apply the amount paid for the restoration of that window toward the cost of glass replacement. If we cannot replace the glass unit for some reason, then a refund may be offered.

We will re-service your window if moisture appears between the panes of a restored window within the 10-year warranty period, provided that the original vents are still attached and show no evidence of tampering. Please note that periods of light fogging may appear from time-to-time during extreme humidity or temperature fluctuations. This is normal. If this occurs, the window should dry in a few days.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

New window and door glass units come with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 10 years against seal failure. We offer a one-year workmanship warranty on the installation. Moisture ingress or damage to glass units due to poor caulking, deteriorated trim, structure movement or settlement, or high-pressure washing is not covered under this warranty.

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